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word geek, technologist, and believer in humans

Hi! My name is Marcin. I use he/him or they/them pronouns. I live in Warsaw, Poland, and this page is a cross between a business card and a portfolio.

I got my education in teaching English as a foreign language, and worked as an English teacher for five years. Since 2017 I've worked as a Technical Writer (currently at GitLab).

In the meantime, I've volunteered at a non-profit, where I organized youth camps and weekend workshops, leading educational exercises on human rights, diversity, sustainable development, and peaceful conflict resolution. I've also co‑organized PyLight Waw, a beginner‑friendly Python meetup and have given talks on software documentation.

No matter my future job title, I'm a documentarian, a person who cares about documentation and communication in the software industry. I'd like to learn more about software UX and designing experiences in general.

I care about open‑source software, the welfare of humans and other animals, and, broadly speaking, building bridges not walls.